Sports Relief
The children all took part in raising money for Sports Relief. Seahorses and Dolphins children went up to Alex Tor, where Turtles children did a shorter walk within the village. The children all had a wonderful time and raised lots of money for Sports Relief. 
World Book Day
We started off our World Book Day by having an assembly. It was also St. Piran's Day, so we learned about him and why he is important. We then had a wonderful storytelling assembly with Susan. She told lots of stories including the story of Puss in Boots. Seahorses and Turtles children then joined together to create their 'Little Miss and Mr Men' poster. We shared lots of stories throughout the day and listened to the children read. We had a wonderful day sharing books! 
Staying safe with dogs assembly 27.02.2020
Today we had an assembly from Tasha and Buddy the dog. They came in to talk to us about how to interact with dogs, both familiar and unfamiliar. We learned how to safely pet dogs, how to approach them and how dogs behave in different circumstances. We absolutely loved Buddy the dog and he loved us!