Learning Journey

We regularly observe your child to help us understand and support their individual well-being and development. We want to really get to know your child as a unique person with their individual skills, interests, and ideas. The more we understand about your child, the better we can support their learning. These observations will be used to inform our planning and will be shown on your child’s ‘Learning Journal’.

We currently use ‘Tapestry’ which is an online learning journey of your child’s development. You have access to your child’s learning journey and can view it at any time you wish. When your child enters Nursery, we set your child up with an account, and provide you with a secure username and password. This will enable you to view your child’s learning journey and see everything that they have been up to! You will receive an e-mail every time a new observation has been uploaded. Observations can include; pictures, videos or quotes of what your child has done/said. Alongside their observation, you will see that we have: linked the observation to ‘Development Matters’, stated the characteristic of effective learning and have also noted their well-being and how engaged they were in the activity.

 You can also add your own observations to Tapestry from home! We strongly believe that working together supports your child and gives them the best learning opportunities. Therefore, we value your input into these learning journals and would love to hear about events, activities, or achievements which have happened at home.

Any work that the children produce will be filed in their books or in their ‘busy bee learning book’. The ‘busy bee learning book’ is a paper-based learning journal, where their physical work is stored. These stay in school, but you and the children are welcome to view them, and any other pieces of work they produce, at any time.

Each term we hold parent consultations to discuss your child’s progress, individual achievements and next steps. At the end of the year, you will receive a full report stating where they are in their learning. This information will also be passed onto the Local Authority as part of a statutory requirement.