Autumn 2020

Some of the children in Seahorses Class completed 2 days of balancebaility. They listened well and made huge improvements when riding their bikes. All the children that took part showed determination, confidence and enjoyment. Well done everyone!
Curiosity Cube
Each week our class has something different in our class curiosity cube. The children write down questions that they would like to know and on Friday afternoons, we investigate and explore what is in the cube. 
The children have really enjoyed these sessions, showing respect, enthusiasm and good listening and speaking skills.
Our trip to the woods
We all had a fantastic time at our local woods. The children enjoyed exploring, den building and playing games. All the children listened carefully to Tim, who ran the session and we cannot wait for our return trip next half term.
Bonfire night celebrations
Seahorses class celebrated Bonfire night, by having an outdoor learning day. We made a class scarecrow, lit a fire, drank hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows and made firework picture using chalk. The children in Year 1 and 2 made a sense wheel, describing what they could hear, see, smell, taste and hear. We all had lots of fun. 
A live session with a Polar Explorer!
Our class were very lucky to have a live session with Polar Explorer Kim Crosbie. The children saw a range of photos of Kim's adventures in the Arctic and Antarctic, giving an insight into life and survival during her expeditions. The children asked a range of questions after the session, Kim was very impressed with the intriguing questions the children asked. 
We loved learning about what food she ate, animals she saw and how cold it got (-36 degrees).