Autumn term 2021

Our topic this half term is  'Queens'. The curriculum letter gives more information about areas we will be exploring. 
As the term enters December we will also be celebrating Christmas and having a Victorian Christmas Day on Tuesday 14th December. 
Lego sessions with the Cognition and Learning Team
This half term Seahorses class have been focusing on forces, cogs, and mechanisms through Lego creations. The children enjoy working in pairs to create their masterpieces, following instructions, reviewing their strategies and performing simple test to check that their creations fit the criteria. 
A video of the children singing their harvest festival song in the church. 
The children created some beautiful glitter pictures, which were exhibited at the Winter Fair, some of the pictures even won a prize. 
Here are the children singing a Cornish song with Miss Bonser. The children have learnt some words in Cornish and they use them everyday around school. I hope they are teaching parents too!
Our class had a visit from Daya, an Indian lady , she taught the children about Hinduism beliefs and rules to follow when attending a temple to worship. The children experienced Indian traditions; such as wearing different clothes and eating Indian food. We had a very interesting, fun day. 
A Victorian Christmas
We consolidated our recent learning about Queen Victoria and the Victorian era, by having a fun Victorian Christmas Day. Many children enjoyed dressing up, baking mince pies, making crackers and lanterns and constructing their own ball and cup game. It was a fun day for all.