Home Learning (Covid-19 update)

Hello Parents and Children!


It is so wonderful to see you all when we hold our book swap days at school. I miss you all so much and can't wait until all this is behind us and we can go back to school properly. 


Some of you are coming back to school on June 1st. However, some of you are not. Below is what we would have been looking at if we were learning at school. Please note that children attending Turtles class will not be doing some of these activities due to social distancing etc... Therefore, it is recommended that even if your child attends school, you could still do these activities at home with them. 


Our topic for this half-term is Summer Fun! Below are some activities that we would have done in relation to this topic.



- Please continue listening to your child read daily.

- Practise identifying their sounds and tricky words.



Reading a variety of seaside books including: 

Sharing a shell by Julia Donaldson

Sally and the limpet by Simon James

The lighthouse keepers lunch by David and Ronda Armitage

The snail and the whale by Julia Donaldson

Commotion in the ocean by Giles Andreae

The rainbow fish by Marcus Pfister

Duffy the turtle by Ellie Jackson



Write a postcard to a family member after a day at the beach.

Draw a poster on how to keep safe at a beach.

Write a set of instructions on how to build a sandcastle. 

Draw and label a picnic you would eat at the beach.

Write a list of all the things you would need to take to a beach.



We would recap everything we have learned this academic year! Topmarks is a fantastic website to use for maths learning. Play any games you feel would support your child further! 



We would have taken a trip to the beach. So if you can go to a beach that would be amazing! Here are some ideas you can do at the beach! I bet you can think of more!

Find a rock pool and see if you can spot any animals.

Build a sandcastle and decorate with shells, seaweed and a moat!

Write your name in the sand.

How many different types of shells can you collect?

What natural objects can you find on a beach? 

Can you build a stone tower?


Thank you so much for all the lovely pictures and videos you have been uploading to Tapestry. I am really enjoying seeing all the things your children have been getting up to. Please keep this up! 


I look forward to seeing you all soon. Stay safe. :) 


Miss Goodman

I've kept the storytelling videos just in case! :)