Spring Term 2

British Science Week
We celebrated British Science week by exploring changes in state, electric circuits and having a special visit from Mark's Ark to learn about animals and their habitats. 
The children carried out their own investigations, to try and melt ice quickly using materials and salt, they were able to safely follow instructions, predict, observe and record their findings. The class learnt about the changes in particles when materials change from a  solid, liquid or gas. 
During our Mark's Ark visit, the children met a Barn Owl, Millipede, Australian Skink and a snake.  The children learnt about the importance of heat in all of their habitats and how the animals adapt to their habitat. 
RNLI Visit
2 members of the RNLI visited the school to teach the children about how to keep safe at the beach. It was a lovely end to our 'To the Rescue' topic and the children impressed the RNLI men with their knowledge of safety equipment and how to contact the coastguard. 
The Kiss That Missed
We visited Camelford Primary School for a special performance of The Kissed That Missed. The children enjoyed the performance as it was engaging, funny and dramatic.