Summer Term 2 2021

Our class topic this term is 'Where shall we go?' 
The focus is comparing Africa and Cornwall, within this we will be identifying African animals, animal classification, food chains and food sources. We will also be comparing weather in the different climates of Africa and Cornwall and describing weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies.
We will be learning about different culture, climate and landmarks in both localities. The children will be using atlases to find and identify different continents and oceans.
Each term, when starting a new topic we have a whole day to focus on new learning. This term Miss Simpson explored Africa with us, by looking at real photographs, identifying different countries within Africa and developing and understanding of life in Africa. 
Miss Bonser (our Cornish piskie) shared some Cornish myths and legends with us and we looked carefully at Cornish monuments, specifically The Cheese Ring, which we all recreated. 
Mrs Richards had made an aeroplane and departure gate for us to explore in the class role play area. We enjoy taking passengers to Africa and Cornwall. 
Newquay Zoo Trip