St Breward Community Primary School

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Early Years Foundation Stage

At St. Breward primary school we aim to give each child a positive and meaningful start to their school life in which they can establish solid foundations on which to develop into independent lifelong learners. Our high expectations allow each child to develop socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally. 

We are passionate about providing opportunities for the children to be taught the developmental areas of EYFS through, active learning and play. The children develop purposeful, positive relationships with the adults in our school, we aim to create a safe and engaging environment for all children to be explorers, active learners, critical thinkers and kind friends.

 Reception children are taught in Seahorses class with their Year 1 and 2 peers. This class led by 2 teachers; Miss Simpson and Miss Bonser. The children are supported by brilliant teaching assistants; Mrs. Colman and Mrs. Prout.

All reception children are taught daily phonics lessons, mathematics and English lessons. We are currently using NELI communication and language programme to develop early language and literacy skills.

The children are integrated with the other 2 year groups for P.E, Art and D.T, Cornish, outdoor learning, helicopter stories, PSHE , R.E and science lessons.

Our learning environment and adult involvement in the continuous provision also supports the children's learning pathway and is tailored and adapted to needs of the children.

We tailor the curriculum each term to prepare the reception children for Year 1.

Please visit the Seahorses Page to find out more about the Early Years Curriculum.


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